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2020 Year of Jubilee

Many things have happened since 8/27/19.  First my beautiful granddaughter Indiana Petra Glaze was born on August 27, 2019.  Oh she is a true blessing.  She is the happiest baby, always smiling and laughing.  She just loves her siblings and her mommy and daddy.  She is just so content and we are so blessed.  I am so excited to see how God is going to use her and I pray that this Joy that she brings us now will flow through her for her lifetime.

But on the day she was born, Brock, her daddy, received a phone call from a head hunter.  Brock had explained to this gentleman that he liked his current job and wasn’t really interested in moving to another job right now.  He had told him that if he was that he would contact him, otherwise, he asked him not to contact him anymore.   Apparently this did not stop this gentleman, because on the day Indiana was born, Brock and Alisa were at the hospital awaiting her arrival and Brock received another phone call from him.  He explained to Brock that he had a job opportunity for him that he fit their qualifications perfectly and he really thought he would be a great fit for this company.  The Company was called Becks Hybrids.  Well we won’t explain all the details that would be for Brock to do, however this is what started my journey into what I am calling “The Year of Jubilee 2020”.

Well during all the interviews and Brock accepting the job, then having to tell his current boss and their dismay and an offer he could not turned down from them, Brock ended up staying with his current employer.  I don’t believe Brock will care if I share this part because it is what lead me to 2020, but Brock had struggled with paying tithes for the last year or so due to wanting to become debt free.  So after God provided so much for him in just a couple of weeks, he had ask God to change his heart in how he looked at tithing.  Even before he paid his first week tithe on his new income, he was called into his bosses office and they said they were going to offer him and some other people in his company what they call a “Stay Bonus”  This stay bonus would be paid in April or after 6 months and would consist of 10% of their yearly salary.  Well this was jaw dropping to say the least.  God just provided Brock his entire year of tithe!!!!!!!  Well this rocked our world, even mine, to see how within just in a few weeks God had Blessed Brock and Alisa abundantly, over abundantly!

Well God has always been good to me.

However, I have not always been faithful to God.  God would and still does answer my prayers over and over.  He knocks my socks off all the time, but there are times I would ask him God is there anything in my life that I need to repent of or give all to you and EVERYTIME he would remind me that I was not TITHING or not tithing the way I truly thought he wanted me to tithe. I would tithe on occasion if the money was there and I would tithe on NET rather than Gross.  But I definitely did not put tithing in high regards and I know I have robbed God for years.. but He was still so good to me regardless of my failures.

Brock’s story really spoke to me so immediately I started tithing on NET… I even tithed most of the time on our new AIRBNB.  But there were still times that if money was just not there I didn’t tithe…

Now this next part may really sound confusing but is part of the story.  We started an airbnb 8/1/19 and in September I was told even thought they have an insurance policy on airbnb we should get an add on to our home owners insurance.  I contacted my insurance company and they said they would check into it, but 3 months later after 3 telephone calls no response.  So I went searching for a different company and they were able to get us new homeowners insurance with airbnb coverage.  Now my yearly payment to old insurance company had just been paid the first of December and I started our new insurance December 1 too.  So I was waiting on the refund check the entire month of December.  I had went ahead and paid the new insurance in full so this refund check I was going to use to pay off 2 of our 3 $800.00 doctor bills.  So I had plans for the money.  Well I didn’t get the check until after Christmas and right after I got the check I felt God nudge me that I needed to pay the tithe I had not paid in December and since I couldn’t tell you what airbnb stays that I tithed on I decided to just pay the 10% on the entire amount we earned from August through December.  So I checked with Phil to make sure he was ok with paying back tithe with this check and he said ‘abosolutely’ with no hesitation.  I did tell him as he walked away, that it was going to be alot!  lol

So when I got up that morning I figured the back tithe and this $1600. check received covered the $1500. amount I owed.  So I wrote the check for $1500.  I didn’t blink an eye and I thanked God for providing.  I knew he would take care of the bills that I had planned on paying with that money.

Well fast forward to the next Friday.  I went to my mom and dad’s house to visit on Friday and spent the day with them.  Had a wonderful visit.  As I was getting ready to leave my dad handed me an envelope.  My parents are very generous and many many times they will hand me a $20.00 bill or $50.00 bill or even a $100.00 bill for no reason at all.  Well when they handed me this envelope I don’t normally open it until I leave, but this time I felt I was suppose to open it right there.  Inside that envelope was a check for $1500.00  YES that is what I said… a check for $1500.00.  I looked at my dad with tears runny down my face and said “you have no idea how you just answered a prayer”  Tears were flowing so much I couldn’t even say anything but Thank you.

So when I got home I had to call Brock and we both said “had this check been for any other amount it would not have been as obvious that God did this.”  Well Praise the Lord, God is good and I pray I never fail him ever again when it comes to tithe.  I am praying that the year 2020 is a year of Jubilee.  I am now tithing on gross and 10% of anything we make on the airbnb.  My prayer is that God helps us to become debt free this year so that when he nudges me to give to someone else to meet a need like my dad met mine, that I have the funds to do it.

Lord my prayer is that you help us to become debt free in 2020.. a year of Jubilee.  Renew our minds and spirits, heighten our discernment in the area of giving, for we know you will provide.  Thank you so much for all you have taught me and done for me already in 2020…. please pour out your wisdom upon me…Your wisdom… thank you Jesus

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