Fun Weekend with my grandchildren!

This weekend I was blessed to enjoy my Grandchildren. Friday night we watched a movie called “Paper Planes”, I let the girls try on my wedding dress.  Wynnie said ‘If I get married’ and she emphasized “IF”,  that she might wear this for her wedding.  I said “That would be wonderful and you are welcome […]

Plugging into Jesus

Today was an awesome day!  Where we attend church I teach Sunday School for 2nd and 3rd graders and there is a little boy in my class  that has always loved sweepers, yes that is what I said  sweepers and carpet cleaners you name it.  He asks for them for his birthday and Christmas.  He […]

Pray for your family when they are young

1996-97 In September 1996 was asking God to show me what it was He was calling me to do.  After nine months of continued prayer, He showed me through several different events, that He was calling me to be my son’s prayer warrior.  I didn’t know what this was going to look like, but God […]

Enjoy the blog!

Hey Mom, You told me a little while ago that you wanted to start a blog. So, I set one up for you. If you don’t like the theme, let me know, and we can change it. I am praying with you that this blog — your thoughts and prayers as you spend time with […]