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Fun Weekend with my grandchildren!

This weekend I was blessed to enjoy my Grandchildren.

Friday night we watched a movie called “Paper Planes”, I let the girls try on my wedding dress.  Wynnie said ‘If I get married’ and she emphasized “IF”,  that she might wear this for her wedding.  I said “That would be wonderful and you are welcome to wear it if you want to.”  After trying it on and seeing how itchy it was she said “Grandma, I may not want to wear your wedding dress, cause it is itchy and it really isn’t my style”.  I just had to laugh and I told her that I totally understand.

Now it was Jordy’s turn to try it on.  It was so big on her we couldn’t find the carpet.  I had to lift her up and Wynnie helped me get in in the dress, then I had to carry her to the living room.  I got pictures of both girls and I loved every minute of it.

Rudy wanted to try it on too, but after he put it on and I took some pictures he maybe promise not to posted those pictures for anyone to see, but he laughed and laughed as he tried to walk around.

What started the wedding dress modeling was Rudy found our wedding pictures and was going through them.  Rudy is the sweetest young man and as he looked at the first picture of me in my wedding dress, many years younger 19 to be exact, he said “You were really cute back then grandma.  I see why grandpa really liked you.”  This really made me laugh.

So then Saturday we went to Chuckie Cheese and  Morrow Meadows to the park.  Jordy kept asking to go to the park.  I asked her if she wanted to go to Morrows Meadows and through rocks in the river, she said “throw rocks in the river?  That sounds fun!”  This made me laugh, cause she is still kind of hard to understand when she talks, yet I could totally understand that comment.

I took several pictures today and will have to get with Brock to see if I can attach more than one picture to a post.  I am still in learning mode as far as the blog goes.


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  1. Jane Ann, this is going to be wonderful! When your grandkids are grown, they are going to thoroughly enjoy reading these stories. My mother-in-law journaled and we have a couple of them. They are priceless to us. So keep this up! Can’t wait to see what antics you get yourself into with those grandbabies!

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