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Hearing God

Lost file

One day at work I was pulling charts for the next day.  I came across the name of one of our patients and even though she knows about this story, because I have shared it with you, I will change her name for this post.  We will call her Judy Johnson.

Judy had visited our office 2 years prior and we have all patients fill out paper work and we make a chart for each patient.  Well she scheduled an appointment and when I went to look for her chart I could not find it, so when she arrived this time I had to ask her to complete that paper work again because I had misplaced her chart.  I was very apologetic.  So I made a second chart for her, again her name is Judy Johnson.

When she checked out we made a follow up appointment for her 2 weeks out.  So two weeks later when I went to pull her chart I could not find it AGAIN!  Ok now I was frustrated and I told my co-worker “I can’t ask her to fill out a 3rd chart.”  Well my co-workers knows me pretty well and she asked me if I had prayed about this lost chart.  She knew when ever I lost anything I always asked Jesus to show me where it is and He is always so kind to me direct me right to it.  Well I told her “No I had not prayed about it yet and thank you for reminding me.”  So I prayed and then went to lunch.

When I returned from lunch I decided to go across the hall where we file old charts to see if for some reason it was filed over there by mistake.  While I was looking for the file I hear God say “JUDY JONES”  I was polite and said ‘No God it is Judy Johnson!” .  Then I hear Him loud and clear say “JUDY JONES”.  So I said “Ok when I am done looking here I will check Judy Jones chart.  So when I returned to my office I looked under Judy Jones and low and behold I had 3 JUDY JONES CHARTS!    THREE OF THEM!  Two of the Judy Jones charts were actually for Judy Johnson, I had typed the wrong name and put it on her chart TWICE!

But I love hearing God that clearly…. tears well up in my eyes now, that He cared enough for me to actually tell me her name!  People God is so good and He wants to talk to you too!

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