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Dolphin Show

In September 2017 we went to Florida and spent the weekend with my cousin Kelli and her husband Tim.  They always like to take us out on their boat.

This particular day was absolutely beautiful, the water was calm and the temperature was perfect.  So we were able to go from the canal to the ocean.

As we were driving along Kelli said “I sure wish you could see a dolphin” and I said ‘I do too!”  We road a little longer and one of us said “I sure wish we could see some dolphins.”

Well I decided to pray and I said to God “God would you please send us a dolphin to see.  Your creatures mind you, unlike humans, they do what you tell them to do.  Would you please send one to us!”  Now I Prayed this to myself, I didn’t pray out loud, just to myself.

We continued to drive around and Tim took us back into the canal and all of a sudden Kelli sees a dolphin in the distance.  So Tim said “I know how we can get them to follow us.”  So he drove the boat around toward them and kind of circled it to make a wake on the back of the boat.   Well then to our AMAZEMENT there were 1, 2, 3 dolphins.. momma’s, babies and even one with out a finn.  They started following us and then there were more…. 1,2,3,4,5 and all of them were right behind the boat.  I could just about touch them.  There were several outside the wake following us too.  This was a DOLPHIN SHOW and it lasted 6 minutes.  I am going to try to attach the video my husband took of them.  We were so amazed!  My only regrets was that I didn’t pray out loud, I told them I prayed, but unless they know me well, I was afraid they might have thought I made that up.  But I know…  and I just love how God answers my prayers, He didn’t just send me one dolphin, but gave me a DOLPHIN SHOW!



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