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Worshiping with eyes closed 11/28/10

This is the entry from one of my journals dated 11/28/10

Today at church while we were worshiping, I was holding Eowyn (she is 21 months old).  Now I tell you when I worship I always close my eyes because I want to focus on God, not everyone around me and I get so distracted, so I just close my e


Well I was worshiping, again with my eyes closed and holding Eowyn, I look up and she immediately closed her eyes when I opened mine.  She would open them ever so slightly to see if I was looking and then close them again quickly.  Then she kept them closed  during the rest of the worship service.

She was worshiping God and I prayed that she would hear the Holy Spirit in a very special way, that her ears would always be tuned to Jesus.

Then Alisa leaned over and said the most precious thing to me.  She said “you have taught Rudy how to Pray and Eowyn how to Worship.”

I looked at Alisa as we were laughing at how she would not open her eyes fully but would barely open them to see if we were watching, then close them quickly again.  I said to Alisa “WOW the are truly watching us.”

The scripture that was being preached today was Gen 5 & 6.  What stood out to me that day was it said the Noah and Enoch walked with God, they chose to walk with God.  I want to chose to walk with God too and my prayer is that Rudy and Eowyn chose to walk with God too.


Today 5/23/18 My prayer is not only for Rudy and Eowyn, but also Jordana, that they would all accept Jesus as their savior, that their desire would be to serve and worship Him and Him ALONE!   That they would hear Gods voice so clear and follow in the way that He is leading them all the days of their lives.

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