Prayers for my friends

For some reason I didn’t date this entry in my journal. But I did title it: Dear Sisters, Pray… Pray Continually!  Ask, Ask Ask, Listen, Listen, Listen.   Be quiet before the Lord, be still before the ALMIGHT God! We serve a God that made the mountain or the valley you are in right now, so […]

Worshiping with eyes closed 11/28/10

This is the entry from one of my journals dated 11/28/10 Today at church while we were worshiping, I was holding Eowyn (she is 21 months old).  Now I tell you when I worship I always close my eyes because I want to focus on God, not everyone around me and I get so distracted, […]

Dolphin Show

In September 2017 we went to Florida and spent the weekend with my cousin Kelli and her husband Tim.  They always like to take us out on their boat. This particular day was absolutely beautiful, the water was calm and the temperature was perfect.  So we were able to go from the canal to the […]

Lost file

One day at work I was pulling charts for the next day.  I came across the name of one of our patients and even though she knows about this story, because I have shared it with you, I will change her name for this post.  We will call her Judy Johnson. Judy had visited our […]