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Plugging into Jesus

Today was an awesome day!  Where we attend church I teach Sunday School for 2nd and 3rd graders and there is a little boy in my class  that has always loved sweepers, yes that is what I said  sweepers and carpet cleaners you name it.  He asks for them for his birthday and Christmas.  He also loves to read the consumer reports.  He is a very smart little boy, however, in Sunday School  whenever I ask a question he always incorporates ‘Sweepers’ in to his answer somehow.   His mom said she has a hard time getting him to come to church and he really doesn’t like talking about God, or seem the least bit interested.

Well for the last several months I have been praying and asking God how to reach this young man.  God knows him really well and I knew he would know exactly how to minister to him.

After Sunday School last month I felt God gave me an idea.  I decided I was going to ask him to bring his favorite sweeper to Sunday School and show it to the class.   So earlier this week I contacted him and asked him if he would do me a favor,  in a very timid voice he said ‘yes’.  I asked him if he would pick his favorite sweeper and bring it to Sunday School to share with the class.  He again in a very timid and quiet voice said “Yes I can do that”  I told him that I was very excited to learn more about this sweeper and could not wait till Sunday.  So we said our good byes and as I was hanging up the phone I heard him yell to him mom, “SHE WANTS ME TO BRING MY SWEEPER TO SUNDAY SCHOOL.”    This just really made me smile.

So today was the day!  His mom said, “it is already working, he was ready to leave for church an hour early. She said we really have a hard time getting him to come to church. ”  So she was really excited too!

As the class time started I introduced this young man and we talked about his passion ‘sweepers’  He was able to explain everything in great detail and the other children were very attentive.  I asked several question and when he was through I realized that not only is he passionate for sweepers, he is an awesome teacher.

So what I was able to teach about was how we can know all about God, like the consumer reports, we can study the bible from the front of the book to the very end, but unless we accept Christ as our savior, asking him to forgive us of our sins and repent of our sins, it is then that the Holy Spirit comes into our hearts to live.  It is then we can ‘plug into Jesus’ and to Jesus power!  I explained that unless the sweeper is plugged into the power outlet it will not be able to do what it was meant to do.  The same goes with us.  God created us and knew us before we were even born.  He has a purpose for each and everyone of us and has a calling upon our lives.

Are you PLUGGED into JESUS?

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  1. There was so much more to what happened in Sunday School on this day, but as I was typing it I was tired. But I did upload the picture of the EXACT sweeper he brought that day!

  2. Update on my little friend that loves sweepers. I have taught 3 more times since the event that this little guy brought his sweeper. His mom told me that he never wants to come to Church. Well the first time he came after his demonstration, he asked me if he could get the sweeper from the church and sweep. I explained to him that yes he can bring the sweeper into class, but I asked that he not sweep until class was over. Well he set that sweeper beside him the entire time I taught and then when we went to the tables he brought it with him and set it beside him. But the entire time he listened to the story and paid attention.

    Yesterday his mom said he didn’t want to come to church again, but said, “Is Jane Ann going to be teaching” and she said ‘Yes” he said “do you think she will let me sweep?” his mom said ‘I am sure she will if sweeper is available.” Well when he came into the room I actually got a smile and a hug. I let him bring the sweeper into the room and again he set it beside him and he swept the room when class was over.

    Lord, it is my prayer that this young man not only see you, but feels your presence when he hears the teaching from your word and that he will be drawn to you. That his little mind will receive what you have for him. Speak to him Lord and may he grow up and know what you have called him to do and may he do exactly that. May he reach others through his work and may the people he introduces to you be in vass numbers… all for your glory Lord! Use Victor Lord for your service!

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