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Coffee Spill

Today is Sunday 11/25/18… Started my day with a good cup of coffee and prayer.  Have a couple of friends that we decided to start a 40 day prayer journey for our families.  We did it in the fall of 2017 for 40 days and I asked them if they wanted to start again this year.  You see we have seen God work great things this last year in our families, but one of our families is having a very difficult time and we know the only answer for them is God!

So we want to lift them up again and watch God work… Well back to the coffee.  I was getting ready to go get ready and I always fix a cup of coffee to start my morning.  Well I sat that cup of coffee down on a stone cookie sheet that was sitting on my counter and it had some crumbs on it, but I didn’t want to sit my hot cup of coffee on the counter as I washed my hands.  When I went to pick up the cup I went to wipe off the bottom of the cup and spilt a small amount of coffee…  I just laughed, I had been praying and was still struggling with the tears and when I laughed Phil asked me what was going on and through the tears and crackling voice I explained how I just spilt the coffee.

I proceed to go get cleaned up and I had my mirror sitting in front of me, but I had not been able to start my make up due to talking with my two friends and God was reminding me of  ECCL 4:12

Ecclesiastes 4:12 New International Version (NIV)
Though one may be overpowered,
two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

I loved it and was sharing how I feel God had brought us back as 3 to pray for our family and how two of us in this group had recently been struggling with a heavy cloud over us.  This proved that satan can try to take one of us down alone, but with three of us we will STAND and will STAND FIRM together.  This really excited me and again tears flowing I go to grab my cup of coffee and couldn’t see well and I spilt my coffee AGAIN.. this time more coffee spilt.  Now again I laughed.  Then just to make this story move on a little quicker the next time I went to pick up my cup I spilt the coffee again, but this time it didn’t stay on the counter, but dripped down the side, into the open drawer in front of me and all over the floor.  Again I laughed and right then I prayed “God what are you trying to tell me or show me about this spilt coffee.”  I asked the girls to pray with me that God would show me.  As I prayed God gave me the following:

  1.  God knows I love my coffee
  2.  I like it warm
  3. I hate cleaning up messes
  4. This stuff normally will make me complain but this time I laughed even though I was crying tears and could barely see or speak
  5.  I was reminded of the three cords during all of it
  6. The spills got bigger, this I think may be the main one.  There is something about the spills getting bigger and covering more area that I think is important.
  7. I wanted a drink so bad and I was not paying attention and in the moment I couldn’t see because of the tears I was crying.
  8. My thumb and finger are numb and making me clumsy
  9. The first spill I had my cup was sat on a tray with crumbs and I went to wipe them off of the bottom and tilted my cup and spilled it.
  10. Second spill my cup was behind mirror and I wasn’t paying attention and spilled it
  11. Third time I just was in a hurry and wanted a drink and was crying again, so I didn’t see what was in my way.
  12. If I don’t clean it up I could slip on it or worse yet someone else can slip on it.
  13. If I don’t wipe off the entire cup after the spill, when I set it down it leaves a coffee ring where ever I set it.

Now I know to most people this probably sounds really ridiculous, but God has spoke to me many times in ways like these.  So I am asking God to speak loud and clear to me.  As he does I will add to this post.  If God speaks to you in any way please please post your comments.


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    1. Thank you… it seems it is through the little things that God speaks… I love to watch for what I call God Sightings…and thank you for visiting my blog

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